The last of the cases for the term should come out tonight. Anybody up for predictions? Here are mine:

Finch- Findings and sentence set aside based on variance.

Haney- No IAC for excessive enlargements by appellate defense counsel

Loving- New trial based on Wiggins v. Maryland, Court doesn’t reach Ring issue.

I also predict that the Government does not appeal Long as the banner can be fixed by DoD so there is no need to go to the Supreme Court. As a disclaimer, I was one of the counsel on Long, although Charlie Gittens did the vast majority of the heavy lifting, including both oral arguments (CCA and CAAF).

Posted by Jason Grover

One Response to “End of Term Predictions”

  1. CAAFlog says:

    Long also won’t go up because the SG will be too busy working on the Lane cert petition.


    -Dwight Sullivan