Today’s Daily Journal addition brings it within one day of being current. And today’s crop included this intriguing docketing notice:

Misc. No. 07-8007/AF. Derek J. GRESKA, Petitioner. v. The Air Force Court of Criminal Appeals, Respondent. CCA S30987. Notice is hereby given that a petition for extraordinary relief in the nature of a writ of prohibition was filed under Rule 27(a) on this 27th day of December, 2006.

The Air Force Court as the respondent? If CAAFlog has any Air Force readers, could you please let us all know what this writ is about? The 26 December Daily Journal has a docketing notice in an Air Force writ appeal:

Misc. No. 07-8006/AF. Melvert WASHINGTON, Jr., Appellant/Petitioner v. United States, Appellee/Respondent. CCA 2005-03. Notice is hereby given that a writ appeal petition and alternative extraordinary writ petition for relief in the nature of a writ of error coram nobis were filed under Rule 27 on this 26th day of December, 2006.

Any gouge on that one, too?

–Dwight Sullivan

One Response to “New Air Force petition for extraordinary relief”

  1. Phil Cave says:

    I believe the AF Writ case relates to the new “procedure” for requesting and justifying “extensions” of time. I have the documentation to show the requirement, and having just done one have a sample of what the appellate defense guys are raising. Was just told about the writ issue today while over at AF AD gossiping.
    Is there a way to upload on here, can’t remember?