The No Man advises me that CAAF has released its opinion in United States v. Lee, __ M.J. ___, No. 06-0116/AF (C.A.A.F. Dec. 27, 2006).

The No Man can’t advise you of this directly because he can’t figure out how to log onto CAAFlog since last night’s upgrade. I find that inability amusing, since I managed to do it and normally the No Man mocks me for my lack of computer sophistication. (I can’t really complain since I often mock myself for my lack of computer competence.)

Appropriately enough, Lee is a case about whether the defense was erroneously “denied the assistance of an expert consultant in forensic computer examination in order to prepare to meet the charge against him and to cross-examine the Government’s expert in computer forensics.” Slip op. at 3. CAAF held that the denial of the expert was reversible error. Id. When the requested expert gets done helping Airman Lee on remand, maybe he can help the No Man log onto CAAFlog.

I’m sure one of your friendly CAAFlog contributors — the No Man, the Super Muppet, the Columbus Clipper, Guert, or I — will post an analysis of Lee sometime tomorrow. (Guert, sorry to have left you off the list in the original post. I must have overlooked you because you, well, died in 1868. Sorry to break the news to you.)

–Dwight Sullivan

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