As the father of a six-year-old, I have no life. So my idea of a thrilling Friday evening is to check out the military appellate courts’ web sites. (Okay, I admit it. Even before I had a daughter, that would have seemed like a fun Friday night.) Tonight the Air Force Court’s site didn’t fail to thrill. It included a total of 7 opinions from 9 and 12 January. So it looks like the Air Force Court is no longer stockpiling its opinions for a monthly blast, but will instead share them with us on a more regular basis. BZ, Air Force Court! (For our non-naval readers who may not know what BZ means, there is — of course, — a Wikipedia entry explaining it.)

If today’s update reflects a permanent change in practice by the Air Force Court, rather than a one-time gift, there will be only one military appellate court that limits its online opinion distribution to once-a-month. What was it that Winston Churchill said about naval tradition? (Yes, of course, there’s a Wikipedia entry about that, too.)

–Dwight Sullivan

One Response to “BZ to the Air Force Court”

  1. Phil Cave says:

    This site reports that the “tradition” language was not spoken by Churchill, but merely wished.