The Air Force Court issued an interesting unpublished decision today rejecting a government appeal. In United States v. Ramos, Misc. Dkt. 2006-07 (A.F. Ct. Crim. App. 24 Jan. 2007), the Air Force Court held that the government could not introduce a deposition conducted before preferral of the charges it concerned. The court also rejected the defense’s cross-claims that sought to expand the issues before the court during this Article 62 appeal.

Counsel for the accused was frequent CAAFlog commentator Phil Cave.

But I am interested in Ramos for another reason as well. The opinion was dated today and was posted on the Air Force Court’s web site today. This appears to be the Air Force Court’s first “real time” posting, which is a welcome development for counsel who want to keep current with the law. I hope that the Air Force Court will continue to post decisions on the day of their release — and I hope that CAAFlog readers (both of you) will also pat the Air Force Court on its metaphorical back for this laudatory move.

–Dwight Sullivan

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