When I left home this morning, the ice storm had knocked out power to my house. So I’m posting before I leave work since I don’t know if I’ll have computer access when I get home.

One person who should be having a nice Valentine’s Day is Dearing, for whom 14 February represents the day after the SG’s deadline to file a cert petition in his case (or DASGDTFCPIHC Day).

Next up in the SG’s military justice queue is Loving. The deadline for a cert petition in Loving is 12 March.

Also, there are two military justice cases on the Supremes’ conference docket this Friday: Christian, No. 06-7397, and Lovett, No. 06-964.

Finally, there’s got to be some clever combination of Valentine’s Day, Dearing, and Loving, but it hasn’t occurred to me yet. Thoughts?

One Response to “Have an ice Valentine’s Day”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I would think Dearing’s counsel would want to avoid comparisons to any mythological creature using sharp objects in his daily job.