Today’s CAAF daily journal update apparently got rained out, so we’re still at 55.

Barry Bonds singled in the first tonight, so at the moment he’s still at 4 homers for the season. Of course, if A-Rod continues at his current pace, he’ll break Aaron’s record before Bonds does. (Mathematically, that assertion isn’t actually true, but 12 homers in 15 games is a prodigious pace. If he continued at this rate, A-Rod would hit 129.6 homers this season. But even if we round that six-tenths of a homer up, that would still leave him with just 594 homers.)

3 Responses to “The counter”

  1. John O'Connor says:

    Maybe it should be the Josh Hamilton watch (a 36th round pick by some smart guy in my roto league). At a pace of a homer every five at bats, he’ll be passing Hammerin’ Hank any day now.

  2. CAAFlog says:

    Josh Hamilton is a piker compared to A-Rod! I’ll extrapolate young Josh’s season homer total in the most generous way possible. He has hit 5 homers in 32 at bats. Let’s assume he continues to hit homers at the current pace throughout the season. Let’s also assume a total of 650 at bats, which would be at the high end of typical at bat totals. That would give him a mere 101.56 season homer total — nowhere near A-Rod’s almost doubling of Barry Bonds’ single season homer record (73 in 2001).

    (I hope everyone realizes that JO’C and I are intentionally demonstrating the dangers of statistical extrapolation based on an inadequate sample size in this conversation — we aren’t serioulsy suggesting triple digit homer totals for a season.)

  3. NoMan says:

    Two in a row for Barry, he may have more homers than CAAF grants before May.