United States v. Rader, __ M.J. ___, No. 06-0860/AF (C.A.A.F. May 4, 2007). Judge Ryan for a unanimous court.

CAAF affirms a ruling by Judge Mathews the Great. United States v. Rader, No. ACM 36133, 2006 CCA LEXIS 164 (A.F. Ct. Crim. App. June 20, 2006) JMTG is having a good week even in retirement.

One Response to “Another new CAAF opinion”

  1. Christopher Mathews says:

    Truly the best part of my week in retirement was having CAAFlog spot the error in my name in CAAF Adcock decision … and then noting that CAAF corrected the error a few hours later.

    Thanks, CAAFlog!