Thanks to the No Man, you can now read NMCCA’s two recent Moreno opinions via links on the new CAAFlog web page:

4 Responses to “All Moreno, all the time”

  1. No Man says:

    JO’C will probably hate the new colors on Sorry, the new CAAF rules were too tempting a template. Maybe we’ll change it up for the USMC birthday this fall, just to drive you crazy.

  2. John O'Connor says:

    You know how seamlessly I embrace change.

  3. Jason Grover says:

    Thanks for tracking down those decisions No Man. And the ability to upload the .pdf files is a huge plus for Although, you may need to give training on that.

    The Article 62 appeal decision, upholding the MJ’s barring of government evidence, does make it look like it will be hard for the government to go forward. I wonder if the government will continue to press forward with the evidence it has.

    No Man, I vote you make’s colors the same as the old CAAFlog colors . . . .

  4. No Man says:

    CAAFlog tracked down the opinions, I just purchased a name. Now what the heck do I do with it? Any suggestions on uses for the site can be sent to the administrator’s email account, I think a longer than blog length Apprendi applied to courts-martial article will be one post (and yes, Apprendi detractors, that article will be longer than
    Henri of Navarre’s conversion to Catholicism)