The July/August issue of JAG Magazine is now available here. There’s not much for the military justice practitioner, though the Kabul Klipper should enjoy the cover article on legal mentors in Afghanistan. There is an article on page 20 under the banner “JAG Corps 2020” that discusses something called “CMTIS.” I get the impression that CMTIS probably has something to do with military justice. For all I know, the “CM” in “CMTIS” stands for either court-martial or courts-martial. But I honestly can’t figure out what the heck the article is talking about. Then I did a Google search of “CMTIS” and found an article applying Lean Six Sigma principles to CMTIS. Now I’m even more confused.

4 Responses to “New issue of JAGMAG”

  1. John O'Connor says:

    I’ll venture a guess that “CM” stands for “case management,” as this appears to be a cradle-to-grave case tracking system. My one suggestion is that they leave room for at least four digits in the column calculating processing time . . . .

  2. Jason Grover says:

    CMTIS is much more than a case management system, although it certainly is that. It is also, and probably more importantly for big Navy, an attorney service and time tracker. All active-duty Navy JAGs are required to input their time daily, in minute increments under broad categories. It allows the higher ups to see where and how spend our time so that they can make resource decisions, including the proper level of manning. The court-martial tracking aspect is just a subset of the larger program. Everything including meetings, training, PT, and even CMTIS data entry require input to account for your day. Most fundamentally, it provides hard data so that the JAG Corps and explain what services we provide and how much of our time is spent providing them.

  3. Jason Grover says:

    I mean “so that the JAG Corps can explain”

    One of these days I will master typing. . . .

  4. CAAFlog says:

    Super G —

    Important question: what’s the CMTIS category for time spent reading and posting on CAAFlog?