The Washington Post on Friday reported that Colonel Morris Davis, the chief prosecutor at Guantanamo, has asked to be reassigned. Both the WaPo article, and this article from the LA Times, suggest that Col Davis’ request was spurred by a dispute over management of his office. They also indicate that he’s been forbidden to discuss the matter:

Davis said in an e-mail message that he was “ordered not to communicate with the news media about my resignation or military commissions without the prior approval of the Department of Defense General Counsel and the Department of Defense Public Affairs.”

Can anyone out there in blogosphere shed some light on this development?

2 Responses to “Gitmo prosecution chief steps down?”

  1. Beth Wellington says:

    Actually, it was a Reuters story, not a Washington Post story. For other sources, check out this entry at Newstrust.!rID=.318c72f&rURL=.f44fbcc

  2. Phil Cave says: