Though we will never come close to those mass appeal legal blogs, we here at CAAFlog (or at least No Man) wouldn’t mind being on a list with all those other top law blogs in the Best Law Blog poll. Vote here by pasting the CAAFlog web address ( and, if you’re ambitious, our feed address ( into the comments section (you can comment anonymously). Once we get in the running, others can vote by clicking on the “+” sign, me too button. Thanks!

6 Responses to “Marketing CAAFlog: Vote for Best Law Blog”

  1. Brian Kastel says:

  2. CAAFlog says:

    No Man, even I can’t vote for CAAFlog as the best law blog. I am on record — and firmly believe — that SCOTUSblog is not merely the best blawg, but the best blog on the planet.

  3. CAAFlog says:

    Maybe I could vote for CAAFlog as the best blawg devoted to appellate military justice practice — particularly since Sacramentum and Publius appear to have gone UA. If another ten days go by without a post, they might even be declared deserters. (I still have no idea who they are.)

  4. No Man says:

    Not sure who Mr. Kastel is or how he got his life sentence, but that is about the strangest blog I have ever seen.

  5. No Man says:

    By the way, nothing says you can’t vote for two (just use two separate comments). I just couldn’t bring myself to voting for . . . myself. I voted for ATL.

  6. Publius says:

    Sacramentum is neither UA nor in desertion status, but unfortunately will not be available to post to the Military Justice Blog for probably a year or so.

    Unfortunately, due to a change in duties, I will be unable to assume the mantle.

    Good luck in the voting.

    Sacramentum sends regards.