I’ve never been a hunter, so I don’t know if hunters mark the end of duck season by inviting some ducks to their duck blinds for light refreshments. If so, that might have been the inspiration for CAAF’s second annual “end of oral argument season” reception. By 14 May, each of the Judges will have bagged his or her legal limit of appellate counsel for the year. To celebrate, the court and the Pentagon Chapter of the FBA will host a reception at the CAAF Courthouse at 1500 on Wednesday, 14 May.

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    Fear not — rumors of the Air Force’s blogicide appear to be greatly exaggerated. Today I was able to access both CAAFlog and — much more importantly — SCOTUSblog from my Air Force computer.

    If the Air Force does nix blog access, I’ll confer with the No Man to see if we can find a way to mirror CAAFlog on a web site that doesn’t include “blog” in its name.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I see you are behind on your study of “animals outside the beltway”.