The Winter 2007 issue of the Military Law Review just showed up online here. It includes two articles that will interest military justice mavens:

Major Patrick D. Pflaum, A Matter of Discipline and Security: Prosecuting Serious Criminal Offenses Committed in U.S. Detention Facilities Abroad, 194 Mil. L. Rev. 66 (2007); and

Major Charles A. Kuhfahl Jr., “I Was Only Twelve–It Doesn’t Count”: Why Adolescent Sex Offenses Are Not Legally Relevant in Prosecutions of Adult Sex Offenders and Why Military Rules of Evidence 413 & 414 Should be Amended Accordingly, 194 Mil. L. Rev. 132 (2007).

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  1. KG says:

    The Naval Law Review is now viewable online and will be inthe future much thanks to LCDR Dave Lee for making this happen –