I can confirm, like the crew on Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters, that trees in Dolly Sods with limbs on only one side are FACT. Driving back from Showshoe Mountain, WV, you pass by Dolly Sods (there is even a road sign for it) on Rt. 28. As I was driving, what to my wondering eyes would appear along the side of the road, but trees with limbs on only one side.

Now, I can’t say if I was physically in Dolly Sods (though from the website description, here, I suspect not), but I can say this, there were trees with limbs on both sides, in addition to trees with limbs on only one. Thus, unfortunately for CAAFlog, there are probably more trees at Dolly Sods with branches on both their west and east sides than there have been military cert grants. Sorry.

An interesting note, which becomes apparent when you drive Rt. 28 and see signs for military museums and old arsenals, as the website points out, “In 1943, in a cooperative agreement with the army, the “[Dolly Sods Wilderness area] was used as a practice artillery and mortar range and maneuver area before troops were sent to Europe to fight in World War II. ” Thus, the area holds a special place in the hearts of the military, but probably not so much in the hearts of hikers, as the below notice from the Dolly Sods website demonstrates:

Special Notice: Many of the artillery and mortar shells shot into the area for practice still exist here. In 1997, a highly trained crew surveyed the trail locations and known campsites for shells. They found 15, some of which were still live. All were exploded on site. Many more may still exist and are dangerous. Since it is impossible to survey every acre of the wilderness, we ask that you follow the recommendations below for your own safety. . . . If you find an artillery shell, often called a bomb, DO NOT pick it up. . . .

2 Responses to “No Man’s Version of Mythbusters: Dolly Sods Trees — Fact”

  1. Anonymous says:

    How many guys here have been downrange on a range with enlisted and O-1s right out of school?

    ‘No No, don’t touch that!’ ‘Stop, you neither!’ ‘No, don’t touch that either’ ‘Stop, dumbass, don’t touch that!’

  2. Master of the Obvious says:

    One could assume you wouldn’t need a sign that says “please don’t touch the bombs.” Anyone dumb enough to pick up a bomb is probably not smart enough to heed the sign anyway…