Here’s a link to a motion filed yesterday by Ronald Gray asking the U.S. District Court for the District of Kansas to appoint the highly-regarded Capital Habeas Corpus Unit of the Federal Public Community Defender, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to represent him on his habeas petition. The motion contains the sad news that Tom Dunn — a former Army JAG and a veteran of the first Gulf War — can no longer practice law full time for health reasons.

One Response to “Gray petitions for appointment of CHU counsel”

  1. EGNB says:

    A belated comment, but relevant to this post, I thought. The NY Times has an article covering Mr. Dunn’s activities since his retirement from the practice of law. While the capital defender community loses a great advocate, it seems that another deserving community benefits:
    Students’ Advocate Was Once Convicts’ Last Hope, NY Times, October 19, 2009, Page A1.