Today’s Washington Post includes this architecture review of CAAF’s newly renovated neighbor, the Old City Hall and new D.C. Court of Appeals courthouse. CAAF’s courthouse is alluded to a couple of times in the article. Writing about a newly added square glass box on the D.C. Court of Appeals’ building’s E Street side — the same side as CAAF’s entrance — Phillip Kennicott writes, “It repositions the entrance of the building from the south to the north side, where the courthouse is elegantly flanked by two lesser and later court buildings.” The article also describes the building’s appearance from the south: “the relatively modest [D.C. Court of Appeals] building surmounted by the massive roof of the National Building Museum . . . looks like a little Acropolis, a striking contrast to the denatured and bland civic architecture that surrounds it.” Presumably Mr. Kennicott was including CAAF’s courthouse — which sits on the D.C. Court of Appeals’ west side — as one of the contrasting buildings.

2 Responses to “E Street Bland?”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have to take issue with the author's description of the glass cube that sits in front of the DC court of appeals. It is not a "sexy box" – "like the little black dress: elegant, never out of fashion and appropriate almost anywhere." I have seen sexy little black dresses, and this box is no sexy black dress. It is hideous and totally out of place – a modern security wart on a classical Greek design. And making the back of the building its front is ridiculous. What a travesty. A beautiful front with a gorgeous view is now an "ornamental" back door. Craziness, I say, craziness.

  2. Phil Cave says:

    Exceedingly ugly.