In the way of an introduction, I’m a young Marine Judge Advocate brought aboard to help with some technological upgrades (discussed here and here), in my personal capacity of course. The switch to the new servers should happen soon – this week, with luck – and will allow CAAFlog to present the full spectrum of commentary, analysis, and information in one place. It also looks pretty good, though some would say my sense of style leaves something to be desired.

We’re working to ensure a minimal loss of content, but a guy like me really embraces the “avoid zero defects” mentality. Posts and comments will transfer (already have), and everything else will remain accessible (we hope, and anything not available in other places will be duplicated). Email is unchanged. The RSS url might change, so subscribers please stay alert.

All said, the technology is just window dressing for the posts and the comments. At the transition there I will solicit feedback on the changes. Be brutal.

8 Responses to “Upgrades”

  1. Dew_Process says:

    Hopefully posters will simply be honest – but, brutality abounds on some of the CAAFlog's threads.

    Thanks in advance for your contributions.

  2. Still not working says:

    My eyes must be deceiving me…I suppose now you truly do have a greater responsibility than I can fathom!

    And since when do you go by Zachary?

  3. Tenrou Ugetsu says:

    Honesty? Ha, when will that ever happen??

  4. Anonymous says:

    Brutality? Sheesh. We do see lameness and brilliance interspersed with wit in abundance, but brutality? Naw.

  5. Cossio says:

    "Hopefully posters will simply be honest – but, brutality abounds on some of the CAAFlog's threads."


    – Foghorn Leghorn

    It's good to see a young JAG with real-life skills* other than sophristry.

    *"Real-Life Skills are defined as skills that contribute to society (i.e. Construction, Web Design, Craftsman) other than Jobs which serve little purpose in advancing the human race, (ie. Lawyer, Broker, Hedge Fund Manager, Liberal Politician)

  6. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:


    Thanks for the compliment, I never knew you thought that CAAFlog contributed to society. Thanks again.

    All others:

    Just in case you were wondering, no we will not be located at CAAFlog's email address. Our new address will be Easier and simpler.

  7. Eugene R. Fidell says:

    BZ on a well-executed website . . . and welcome aboard.

  8. Nikki Hall says:

    Great site. Well done!