The new site is live.

Put your comments and criticisms in this post. Save your snark for the club.

17 Responses to “Brand New Bag”

  1. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Great work, Zack! Thanks for all of your time, effort, and expertise in setting this up.

  2. Anon says:

    Great new website! Keep up the good work.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I liked the old interface better. It seemed easier to read.

    I think there is too much white now.

  4. Cloudesley Shovell says:

    Concur w/ Anon 1100 that there is too much white, but maybe it will look more normal over time.

    Is there a way to comment via Blogger ID? Maybe I am Cloudesley Shovell, maybe I am just an interloper. There does not seem to be any check on what name one enters when making comments.

  5. GreenOnions says:


    The white is fine, though if you quote extensive blocks (which is common) of text, it should probably be in a shaded window.

  6. Anon says:

    Is it possible to get comments by RSS?

    ….Maybe a little more color would be nice…

  7. Interloper says:

    Yep, I could say I was “No Man” and the only thing that would give it away is my lack of intelligent analysis.

  8. Jane O'Connor says:

    Anon 1831, if that was a dig at No Man, you should have omitted the words “lack of”….carry on

  9. Dwight Sullivan says:

    I do wish people would post comments under their real names unless there’s a compelling reason not to, but I’ve got to admit that “Jane O’Connor” was a funny pseudonym.

  10. Zachary Spilman says:

    1. Comments. It’s all registration or none. For now it’s none. Perhaps it will change to all. Neither prevents pseudonyms.

    2. Color. I do agree that it’s too white. I’ll work on that tonight. I think something subtle is in order – like pink.

    3. Comments RSS is on the way.

    Keem em coming.

  11. John O'Connor says:

    “I do wish people would post comments under their real names unless there’s a compelling reason not to, but I’ve got to admit that “Jane O’Connor” was a funny pseudonym.”


  12. No Man says:

    Here’s some intelligent analysis from tours truly while stick at the train station, Z-Man is fired if he even suggests a pink background again–though I have to admit that’s an empty threat as we would have no idea what to do with this mother ship without him. Ahhh technology. I need to learn HTML programming.

  13. No Man says:

    I had a anarky reply, but apparently commenting via BBerry is not as easy as on Blogger. Sigh.

  14. John Lancaster says:

    I am sure there is much more in todays world to complain about, but hey, why complain?. My strategy against complainers for quite a few years now has been to start complaining about some trivial issue as they attempt to complain to me!!!!!!!!, beleieve me it works everytime.

    Great Job Zach, they’ll get use to the colors.

  15. John Lancaster says:

    Dwight this blog has served me well over the years and in my opinion its probably as good as it gets as far as anlysis goes of mil justice. I am part of the legal diaspora who are spectators in the mil justice arena and I continue to be enlightened by you and the other contributors to the forum’s knowing discussions. Thank you folks and please lets continue the intellectual Tango.

    LOL! oh and the snarky comments makes for good comic relief in what is as we all know a serious but yet so often obscure and misunderstood part of the legal world; hell just ask john Roberts.I am not necessarily encouraging the Snarkies though.

  16. John Lancaster says:

    Hey Cossio, I think this color will be great for you it makes for a clearer head.

    Geez! I did mysel, my BAD Cossio

  17. Shawn says:

    Great job on the new site, Zack. It’s awesome. You can do my website next.