The bad news: CAAF today issued an order changing the deadlines for filing supps. Starting on 1 September, supps will be due in conjunction with the petition where the petition is filed by counsel and 20 days after filing of the petition if filed by the accused. In those rare instances where appellate government counsel file an answer to the supp instead of a 10-day letter, the answer will be due in 20 days. I predict a bumper crop of CAAF petitions filed on 31 August.

The good news: Also starting on 1 September, CAAF will allow electronic filing of petitions for grant of review filed by counsel, supps, answers, and motions about supps and answers.

One Response to “CAAF News: which do you want first, the good news or the bad news?”

  1. Nikki Hall says:

    Don’t know that it’s all bad. From a managment standpoint I really like the idea of one time deadline. However, the bad of it is that it will also shorten the process….which will matter to some clients, not to others. The timing of the change is fairly decent. I don’t know if CAAF had this in mind, but with summer turnovers it will be easier to implement with the new counsel coming in.