Here’s a link to a Fayetteville Observer report on a pretrial ruling in the capital case of United States v. Master Sergeant Timothy B. Hennis, U.S. Army (Ret.), which is expected to be tried at Fort Bragg in February.  Judge Patrick Parrish denied a defense motion to suppress the results of identifications based on photo arrays.  As the article explains:

Hennis, 51, is accused of killing Eastburn and her daughters at their Summer Hill Road home in Fayetteville on May 9, 1985. His court-martial is scheduled for February.

It will be his third trial.

In 1986, he was found guilty in a civilian court and sentenced to death, but he won a retrial on appeal. He was acquitted in a second trial in 1989. Hennis resumed his Army career and retired in 2004.

The military pulled Hennis out of retirement in 2006 and charged him with the murders after civilian investigators reported that DNA testing of semen found in Eastburn’s body linked Hennis to the crime.

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