This was going to include the Green sentence, but CAAFlog covered that below, he’s quick.  So I give you the latest from Camp Lejeune.

A Camp Lejeune Master Gunnery Sergeant was court-martialed for accepting $67,000 from contractors, story here.  According to the story MGySgt Luis Lopez was “sentenced to reprimand, total forfeitures of all pay and allowances, a $10,000 fine, reduction to pay grade E-6 and 89 days of confinement” as part of  PTA.  The PTA guaranteed he would not be punitively discharged.  Lopez will cooperate with the investigation of other contracting related cases.  Another Lejeune senior NCO, Master Sgt. Terence Walton has bribery charges pending for a Dec. 12, 2009 court-martial.  Like MGySgt Lopez, Walton’s charges stem from money received from contractors while serving as a Marine Corps contracting officer in Iraq.

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