As Air Force Lurker points out here, the Air Force announced that it is making the world wide Air Force courts-martial docket publicly available. See announcement here.   We can’t accuse the Air Force of one upman-ship as the announcement was dated Sep. 2, 2009, I guess we just missed it.  

I tested the site,  available here, and at start up it could use the Air Force version of our Zee as the app is a little slow to load.  However, after the initial start up, the app is very user friendly.   UPDATE:  the second time you open it there is no lag in load time, very nice.  And, here is the disclaimer:

The information on this page is subject to change without notice.  Be advised there may be a delay in updating this information to reflect changes in the trial schedule.  Users interested in a particular case are encouraged to contact the installation’s servicing Public Affairs office for more information.

Hopefully that doesn’t mean that the docket will only be infrequently updated.  Regardless, it’s better than anything else out there.

When you click on a case a second window opens in the bottom of the screen with the charges, trial location, and estimated trial start and end dates.  For the media there is a POC listed as well.  The case are also sortable by defendant, trial location and projected trial start date.  Anyone with knowledge of any AF cases know what the projected dates mean, motions or members? 

Definite big BZ to the Air Force.

[FYI, for those reading earlier, two words explain the changes . . . mobile blogging]

2 Responses to “Great Week in Mil Jus Openness – Air Force Courts-Martial Docket”

  1. AF Lurker says:

    Not certain, but projected date is probably next day of scheduled hearings before a judge, whether it be motions or members. I’d guess the system doesn’t yet include Article 32 dates, and some PA #’s I checked need updating. It likely pulls from either the AF database on CMs that every base uses (note the odd descriptions of some charges), and/or the AF Central Docketing Office calendar, so it’s probably close to real-time accurate (hence the disclaimer on no-notice updates). Work in progress, but a step forward.

  2. Balkan Ghost says:

    Army dockets are available at

    Or, google “Army trial judiciary.” Once on their page, click link to “Army Courts Martial Internet Docket (AMCID).”