Tomorrow I’m heading OCONUS for Reserve duty.  I anticipate being off the ‘net until Wednesday night.  In my absence, the Fab Four will be performing my normal duties.  The Fab Four consist of CAAFlog co-founders the No Man (who may not be able to post much due to being deluged with work) and the Kabul Klipper, Judge Mathews the Greatest, and Code 45 and OMC-D alumnus Brian Mizer.  That lineup looks so good, our readership will probably want to ship me overseas more often.

3 Responses to “Next week at CAAFlog: the Fab Four”

  1. Anonymous says:

    which one is Ringo?

  2. Scotto says:

    I don’t know which is Ringo, but Mizer is definitely Clarence.

  3. Christopher Mathews says:

    You know, it don’t come easy.