I’m once again ensconced at Casa CAAFlog, where what to my wondering eyes should appear but the September issue of the Army Lawyer, now available online here.  The issue has three articles of interest to we military justice wonks.

The first is a piece on metadata.  Major Brian J. Capuran, Should You Scrub?  Can You Mine?  The Ethics of Metadata in the Army, Army Law., Sept. 2009, at 1.  The article contains a survey of state ethics opinions dealing with metadata and proposes both an Army opinion and an Army regulatory change to require Army lawyers to scrub metadata and to ban mining for metadata and/or use of metadata that is obtained.

Next is an article on speech offenses in the military, including an analysis of CAAF’s Wilcox opinion.  Major Michael C. Friess, A Specialized Society:  Speech Offenses in the Military, Army Law., Sept. 2009, at 18.

Finally, the issue provides a primer on prosecuting HIV-related courts-martial.  Major Derek J. Brostek, Prosecuting an HIV-Related Crime in a Military Court-Martial:  A Primer, Army Law., Sept. 2009, at 29.

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