Military death row inmate Dwight Loving’s cert petition seeking review of the D.C. Circuit’s affirmance of the denial of his FOIA appeal has been distributed for the Supremes’ 9 October 2009 conference.  Loving v. Department of Defense, No. 08-1476.

We discussed the cert petition and posted a link here.  The SG’s opposition is available here.  Loving’s reply to the SG’s opp, which I don’t believe we’ve previously posted, is now available here.

3 Responses to “Loving’s cert petition in FOIA appeal distributed for conference”

  1. Anon1 says:

    I’m assuming that tongue in cheek response is the reason for the “Bizarro” modifier?

  2. Anonymous says:

    It’s not even good satire. It’s a juvenile and simplistic understanding/presentation of those who are anti-DP. It would be as if I presented those who were pro-DP as rabid monsters hungry for human flesh.

  3. Bizarro Cossio says:

    Sorry Comrade,

    My last comments were out of line and were properly deleted for non conformity. I was saying is that my comments were near verbatim from other “true believers”:

    “Anonymous says: – June 2, 2009 at 2:41 pm – What is “inevitable” is that this country will abolish the death penalty. Then, next, we will abolish LWOP, which is just as unconstitutional, and for the same reasons. We need to focus on rehabilitation.”

    So I invite you to give a more nuanced take on this issue if you have anything to add, and how this relates with Loving’s petition.