Rounding out our review of recent military justice scholarship on the night when the Nationals lost their 100th game, here’s an article by two former Army judge advocates on litigating court-martial cases involving mental health issues:

Thomas Barnard & James Ewing, Pretrial Advice for Representing Mentally Ill Criminal Defendants in the Military Justice System, 35 N.E. J. on Crim. & Civ. Con. 337 (2009).

One Response to “More military justice scholarship: article on litigating cases with mental health issues”

  1. Comrade Cossio says:

    Well the Nationals still have a long ways to go before the are the biggest losers, that distinction goes to my Cubbies.

    By the way, I hope meant to hyplerlink that Article…I hope so because I can’t find a freebie copy on the web and my school’s lexis is down :( Shouldn’t have to pay for reading journals.

    I’d post a freebie copy on my server, but I am afriad of the Unfrozen Caveman Lawyer making an arguement in court.