Navy Military Judge Captain Keith Allred will preside over the final 2004 Battle of Fallujah related court-martial.  Sgt. Jermaine Nelson’s court-martial is set to begin on Tuesday, September 29, according to the Marine Corps Times, here.

Our prior posts about the related MEJA case of Sgt. Jose Nazario, Jr. and court-martial of Sgt. Ryan Weemer (both of which ended in acquittals) are numerous.  You can begin here and here.

Anyone have any gouge on why a Navy Military Judge is presiding over a high profile Marine Corps court-martial?  Normal assignment rotation, disqualification issues, or other?

3 Responses to “Nelson Battle of Fallujah Court-Martial to Begin”

  1. Corps Court Watcher says:

    No Man – the days of seperate Navy and Marine Corps Trial Circuits are long gone. CAPT Allred is one of the senior judges in the Western Circuit. Plus I’m guessing Col Ewers, LtCol Simmons, and some of the other Marine judges in the Western Circuit are disqualified as they fought with I MEF in Fallujah.

  2. Deuce says:

    His involvement in high profile cases (GTMO judge for the detainees) is also a plus in handling the more visible of trials.

  3. Look, Man says:

    Looks like the murder charges are dismissed in a plea agreemtn.