As reported in Wednesday’s WaPo here, during FY 2008, all of the services met all of their recruiting goals for the first time in the history of the post-Vietnam all-volunteer force.  The Marine Corps Times reports that as a consequence of the Corps’ recruiting success, the Marine Corps will no longer allow anyone with a felony or misdemeanor conviction for a sex offense to enlist.  Dan Lamothe, Corps eliminates waivers for sex offenses as 202K mission is met, Marine Corps Times, Oct. 19, 2009, at 22.  The article reports that from October 2006 through June 2008, the Marine Corps enlisted eight recruits with felony sexual offense convictions.  The article also reports that in FY 2008, the Marine Corps enlisted 273 recruits with felony convictions.  That accounted for just under 3/4 of 1 percent of all Marine recruits during that fiscal year.  During the first half of FY 2009, it enlisted 71 recruits with felony convictions.  That accounted for just under 1/3 of 1 percent of all Marine recruits during that period.

3 Responses to “USMC eliminates sex offense waivers”

  1. Mike "No Man" Navarre says:

    I won;t take credit for the original thought, but my how a recession is good for recruiting. It is amazing how it matters less what the military is doing and more what the economy is doing.

  2. Peter E. Brownback III says:

    In 1971, a troop in my platoon (We were about twenty klics north of An Khe in MR II.) DEROSd with an immediate out upon return to CONUS. Smith had been fairly vocal about what a bunch of whatever the Army was in general and the Herd in particular. A month later a chopper came in (We were now about twenty klics south of An Khe.) with resupply and Smith. “What the hell are you doing here?” “LT, it’s so cold out there that the garbage cans have locks on them.”

    In other words, I agree with Navarre.

  3. Deuce says:

    The Sex Offener Registration after the Adam Walsh Act will make it all that more interesting. Having to register in every place you reside, work, and go to school.