Here’s an excerpt from the Los Angeles Times’ obituary about comedian Soupy Sales:

His authority in pie-tossing even landed him in court – as an expert witness. In 1974 he was called to testify in the court martial of a sailor accused of pitching a pie into an officer’s face. Noted defense attorney William Smith enlisted Sales to tell how he had never been prosecuted for assault with a pie. (Once, however, actor Bob Cummings sent him a cleaning bill. “We paid him $150,” Sales recalled, “and he sends a bill for 75 cents.”)

Pie-hurling, Sales told the court, was “a harmless joke” designed to “relieve tensions and frustrations.” He offered to perform at the Port Hueneme naval base Christmas show if the charges were dropped but was turned down. The sailor was found guilty.

2 Responses to “Who would have suspected Soupy Sales’ death would have a military justice angle?”

  1. Bridget says:

    Yes, that was Bill, now deceased – a very creative advocate who began in military law as an AF judge advocate. Bill’s memory is better served though by his pioneering work in veterans advocacy. I was honored to have him move me into the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (at that time the Court of Veterans Appeals). Never boring that Bill.

  2. Samantha K says:

    i absolutely love Soupy Sales’ personality, some of the best facial expressions ever