LEXIS has been restored for Air Force judge advocates — at least temporarily.

4 Responses to “Happy days are here again”

  1. W. Faulkner says:

    I might have missed some discussion on this topic but JAGCNet has access to Lexis with the following comment:

    Due to a recent procurement protest, Lexis-Nexis will remain available for use by JAGCNet users for the near-term future. It is currently unknown how long the service will be available.

  2. Anon says:

    I guess procurement protests are the norm now. No one is willing to “lose” a contract without blaming someone else. I can’t imagine Lexis can afford to lose all of the armed services to Westlaw. That’s got to hurt their bottom line quite heavily.

  3. Capt B says:

    For all Marine Judge Advocates out there – our Lexis access has also been restored. Your old password should work again.

  4. Fitzcarraldo says:

    “We’re bringin’ Lexis back/them Westlaw users don’t know how to act…”