Here is a link to the WaPo article announcing two inquiries into the events at Ft. Hood.  The first, which will be headed by former Secretary of the Army Togo West and former CNO Vern Clark, will look at “lapses or gaps in military procedures may prompt a failure to identify servicemembers who pose a threat.”  The second, a broader review will, “look for systemic shortcomings that could have prevented the shooting.”

2 Responses to “SecDef Announces Parallel Ft. Hood Related Inquiries”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t shortcomings have caused, not prevented, the shooting?

  2. Cossio says:

    A typo by No Man, the article reads:

    Gates also ordered a separate in-depth investigation, lasting four to six months, into potential “systemic institutional shortcomings” in the military services related to care for victims of mass-casualty incidents, the performance of health-care providers and stress on the force.