You can hear the song for which SPC Marc A. Hall faces an Article 134 spec here.  WARNING:  VERY explicit lyrics.  (SPC Hall also faces other charges relating to communicating threats to harm members of his battalion and brigade.)  We previously discussed the charge and specs facing SPC Hall here

h/t:  Phil Cave’s Court-Martial Trial Practice blog.

18 Responses to “A link to the stop loss rap song”

  1. TheLaserPlane says:

    Save us all a headache and dismiss now please thanks

  2. Phil Cave says:

    That was my initial reaction. I’m a First Amendment is king kinda person.
    But then I thought, what if Akbar had done this, what if Major Hasan had done this? What if Kreutzer had done this?
    I’m not advocating a crack-down on speech. But at some point . . . ?
    Should we be prosecuting? Should we be taking them out of the field, etc.?

  3. Anonymous says:

    No, because we don’t do pre-emption as a society. We don’t prosecute folks for unpopular speech because we think they might do something later.

    Otherwise, we’d have put NWA and Public Enemy in jail 25 years ago. Yes, I’ve gone old school…deal with it people.

  4. anonymous says:

    If the same point was a ballad REO Speedwagon style, no court-martial.

  5. MJW1 says:

    “we don’t do pre-emption as a society” for the larger society that is the U.S. But Phil raises a good point on what we do within the military society. A society in which you volunteer it enter, are given access to weapons and weapon systems that the larger society does not have access to, and a society where the powers that be can remove you from at their discretion.

  6. Phil Cave says:

    Anon 0754. But it wasn’t. Unfortunately the lyrics cannot be separated from the context. To quote the screaming heads on FixNews, etc., “IT WAS A RED FLAG.” Not many years ago battle-rap songs wouldn’t have raised much concern. The problem we have to grapple with, and I’m not in the least bit anxious to restrict speech at all, is what if . . . What if this was a precursor to another Kreutzer, another Akbar, another Hasan? And now the person has been stopped. What if he hadn’t been stopped and we had another mass shooting? And I’m not saying that a command has to restrict or prosecute speech just to protect their butts from critics later — a la Hasan and the pantie-bomber.
    Does anyone know what else he is charged with? Or any of the other facts. Else we’ll be going round and round the whirlpool on this one like that Jhonny Depp pirate movie.

  7. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Phil, the complete charge sheet is here:

  8. Anonymous says:

    Not sure the access to weapons in the military is much greater than in the civilian world. Weapons are like drugs, you can can’t fairly easily and fairly quickly.

  9. Southern Defense Counsel says:

    Well… he sure isn’t the reincarnation of Tupac…

  10. MC Big Anonie says:

    I was just about to start my “Fight the Man and Free MarcWatercus” web site, that is until I heard the song.

  11. Jeremy says:

    It is apparent that many people do not understand stop loss, but that is another discussion. If this had been a country song with the same implications, noone would have cared. Does he use curse words, sure he does! How would YOU react if you were told that you couldn’t see your child being born, and then on top of that once you do get home to hold your baby, you are told that you have to go back AGAIN and miss more mile stones of that child’s life! Everyone is fed up with these wars and most don’t get why we are even there in the first place. The rest make up excuses. and a large percentage of those who make up excuses, only do so in away to make it OK that we are over there. Only a very small percentage of individuals agree with any of it. Get off the man’s back and let him have his family, that is all he wants! He served his time! How about some of you white collars do the same and stop the BS about how this is a “volunteer” society that they have entered. I think that it’s about time other men start to step up and put their four years in! It would do many of you some good and it would take the heat and stress off of others.

  12. Army Wife says:

    If my husband was in his unit, I would fear for my husband’s life! Just get him the hell out! I’m already fearful for his life from enemy fire, I don’t need to worry about it from people who share his living quarters!

  13. White Colla Servin says:


    Listen pal,

    Nobody forced this guy to enlist. Best guess, he did not have many choices out of HS or GED. Stop loss has, and is still part of military service, it is only a secret to the uninformed. Should I feel compassion for him because he was ignorant? Before you start saying I don’t know, I did my tour in Iraq even though I was never supposed to deploy. In addition, I did multiple deployments missing all the standard family events. I’m Navy and I guarantee that you go aboard any ship and ask any of crew who has not missed a birth, birthday, anniversary, death, etc., and you will not find a single soul. You don’t like the war, don’t enlist.

  14. Army Wife says:

    White Colla Navy:

    I agree! My husband and I have been married for eight years, have three beautiful children, and unfortunately he has been deployed every other year since he re enlisted with the Army (he use to be a Marine). We have only shared three and a half years of our marriage in the same house. These are all sacrafices that we have made (though he does have a college degree). We knew when he re enlisted what it would mean, and now we are doing the best that we can. 20 years of service is just a small piece of the rest of our lives. I am proud of my husband, my children and myself because this is not anything easy for anybody and having cowards (yes, coward is the word I am using because if he wanted to make a political stand he should have wrote something more constructive, instead of making half-a$$ed threats)in the same unit as my hsuband would make the deployments so much more difficult and heart wrenching.

    I take it you have put some time in, Jeremy? Since you are giving everyone else advice…

  15. stoploss says:

    stop loss, should be illegal period and its a back door draft. I have no problem with this man’s feelings and I am sure these military idiots are going to persecute him while some other yahoo is planning to harm our troops simply because they are Americans.

    But then again, we are simply connecting the dots, how about we simply let this man go on his merry way having fulfilled his enlistment?. How many people currently being stop lossed is feeling this very way? atleast he is venting his frustrations
    with lyrics and yes if it was a country ballad much wont be made of it

  16. DCSteve says:

    Much silliness in the comments today.

    It is hard to defend Hall, especially since he appears to be so artistically challenged. (The website also makes me question his command of language in general – but I digress).

    The comments are correct in one respect: He no longer needs to be part of the military. My guess…the Army has a plan to fix that for him.

    Be careful what you wish for…

  17. james says:

    It is your ignorance that you do see. This policy is like possible death. You sign a contract to serve for set period. Satisfy this contract then are notified that your time is being extended. By means you agreed to risk you life for the entire contract. How can you feel that force someone to risk there life long can be precieved as a reasonable policy when you can option out off stop loss.. also this guy is very smart. Due to he sent the song to the pentagon know one way or the other he would get what he wanted , OUT OF THE ARMY So who’s ignorant?? he wanted out alive and got it so reality he never had any intent to do it just say to get out millitary

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