CAAFlog now allows you to subscribe to comments on a particular post. Subscribing means you’ll receive an email every time a new comment is made to a post you’re subscribed to.

Just enter a valid email address and check the box when adding a comment:

You’ll receive a confirmation email to confirm that you really want to subscribe (only for the first-ever subscription):

Once you’re subscribed, you’ll have access to the subscription manager which allows you to modify your subscriptions, change your subscriber email address, or opt-out of all future subscriptions.

Every email you receive from the subscription software  (except the initial opt-in message) should include a link to the subscription manager. The blog software should also remember you after you post a comment (by using cookies) and replace the subscribe checkbox with a link to the subscription manager in posts to which you’re already subscribed.

Please let me know if you have any problems with this new feature.

One Response to “Subscribing to Comments”

  1. Late Bloomer says:

    Nice job Zach. Good to see CAAFlog expanding its capabilities.