Two-hour delayed opening.

6 Responses to “The federal government is OPEN in DC on Friday”

  1. de minimis says:

    Six hour work week, huh?

    Would have been better to let us keep drinking until Tuesday :(

  2. Anonymous says:

    The 10-day weekend is cancelled.

  3. anon says:

    Why don’t you government folks just call in sick and let us taxpaying Americans keep on supporting your vacation while we pay the bills? Hmmm????

  4. de minimis says:

    Your taxes don’t begin to pay the bills. We get paid with figment money that exists only in our collective imagination.

  5. Gov't Folk says:

    We pay the same taxes everyone else does.

  6. Ama Goste says:

    After temporarily braving the roads myself, my guess is that the federal workweek will be even less than 6 hours for those who opted to drive in today. The continued closure of most outdoor Metro stations and 1 lane open on the TR bridge aren’t helping the gridlock.