The story of Army Specialist Marc A. Hall keeps getting weirder.  We’ve previously discussed his imminent court-martial for threatening members of his unit, including through the vehicle of a really bad anti-stop loss rap song.  And we linked to that really bad — and explicit — rap song here.  Now, according to this Atlanta Journal-Constitution article,  his civilian counsel has gone into the United States District Court for the Southern District of Georgia to seek to stop the Army from transferring SPC Hall to Kuwait for his court-martial.  I’ll try to find and post a copy of that court filing.

2 Responses to “Soldier files action in U.S district court to try to prevent Army from holding his court-martial in Kuwait”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Anyone have the charge sheet? There’s gotta be more to it than just the lyrics in a song.

  2. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Anon, we previously posted this link to the charge sheet, via Stars & Stripes: