When the No Man posted a piece about the December issue of the Army Lawyer, he noted that the article’s appendix with the MEJA Jurisdiction Determination Checklist was missing.  I noticed during the snow storm that the December issue of the Army Lawyer had been taken down from TJAGLCS web site.  Now it’s back up (here) with the formerly missing checklist at the end of the article about prosecuting civilian contractors (here).  (It’s kind of amusing that a checklist was omitted.  I guess inserting the article’s appendix wasn’t on the Army Lawyer checklist.)

2 Responses to “When the No Man speaks, the Army Lawyer listens”

  1. Jon says:

    Dwight: Actually this was a coincidence. But we do read the blog frequently. Always appreciate comments to make our publications better (but we won’t go to a MJ exclusive journal, sorry). All my best. v/r LTC Jon Howard (Director, Professional Writing Program, TJAGLCS)

  2. Dwight Sullivan says:

    Colonel, thanks for the feedback. Your post cracked me up — you already publish two military justice issues of the Army Lawyer; is 10 more really asking too much? :-)