While it’s not on AFCCA’s web site, one of my colleagues has alerted me that AFCCA will hold a Project Outreach argument in an Article 62 appeal this Thursday at the Univeristy of Mississippi’s law school.  The case being argued is United States v. Cote, No. 200915.  The issue is:  “Whether the military judge erred in suppressing the fruits of a lawfully conducted search of appellee’s computer devices solely because the government was unable to complete its forensic analysis of those devices until after the 90-day search and seizure deadline established in the search warrant.”

One Response to “TWIMJ addendum — AFCCA Project Outreach argument”

  1. AGC says:

    Read this opinion by the AFCCA, and I’m a sucker for search warrent issues, this one puts me between a rock and a hard place… Any input?