Through the first half of its current term, CAAF has received just 303 petitions for review, obviously setting the court on pace to receive just 606 petitions this term if the intake continues at the same rate.  We looked at the previous 11 terms’ intake here.  The low over those terms occurred in FY 2003, when CAAF received 694 petitions.

Not surprisingly, with its input down, CAAF’s output is also down.  So far CAAF has issued 16 opinions of the court.  If I count correctly, there are another 16 cases that have been orally argued at CAAF that haven’t yet been decided.  Oral argument is scheduled in another 10 cases.  I don’t believe there are any other granted cases awaiting oral argument.  And at this point it’s too late to squeeze in a normal briefing schedule before the last day currently set aside for oral arguments this term — 4 May.  Of course it’s always possible that CAAF will add more argument dates, decide another case without briefing or argument (as it did Bradford on Friday) or order expedited briefing.   But absent such a departure from normal procedures, it appears that CAAF will issue 42 opinions of the court this term.  Here are the number of opinions of the court issued in the previous 10 terms:

September Term 2008:  46

FY 2008 Term:  65 [this was an 11-month term]

FY 2007 Term:  55

FY 2006 Term:  76

FY 2005 Term:  64

FY 2004 Term:  57

FY 2003 Term:  57

FY 2002 Term:  75

FY 2001 Term:  73

FY 2000 Term:  110

One Response to “Midterm report”

  1. Anon says:

    That’s abysmal when you consider that there are 5 Judge’s on the bench. That’s a little more than 8 opinions per Judge per year!

    And they want to significantly decrease the size of pleadings??? C’mon CAAF!