CNSNews’ continuing out in front coverageof the three Navy SEALs’ courts-martial continues, see latest here.  Today’s story reveals that,

A military judge moved the trials of Keefe and Huertas to Camp Victory in Baghdad, a military base in Iraq, after defense attorneys asked that their clients be able to face their accusers. McCabe’s attorney, Neal Puckett, did not request that his client be able to face his accuser, thus McCabe’s trial will proceed in Norfolk, Va.

There is an event on Capitol Hill tonight in support of the SEALs, who reportedly have gathered 160,000 signatures on a petition asking for dismissal of the charges.  The event will include Reps. Burton and Rohrabacher SO2 McCabe, his attorney Neal Puckett, and “retired Navy SEAL Capt. Larry Bailey.”  CNSNews reports that the petitions will be sent to SecDef Gates and the convening authority, SOCCENT Commander, Maj. Gen. Charles T. Cleveland. 

No news on whether the trial of SO2 McCabe actually begins on Monday.  The Navy Region Mid-Atlantic docket still shows 2 cases (an E-5, presumably McCabe, and an E-6, presumably Huertas)  set for separate Art. 39a motion hearings on Monday, March 6 in scenic Courtroom 1 at Naval Station Norfolk.  So are they doing all the pre-trial work in Norfolk and just doing the trial in Iraq?

14 Responses to “Navy SEAL Courts-Martial Events”

  1. Atticus says:

    Come on. These guys are SEALS! Just let them go back to work.

  2. Cathryn says:

    If we don’t give what is the best we have to give in the fight in Afghanistan, why are we there? We’ve been looking for the guy they supposedly roughed up for almost five years for committing a horrible crime against Americans. What are the SEALS supposed to do? Pat him on the head? Come on! This is a viscious war we’re waging here, with a viscious enemy.

  3. Richard Wright says:

    Agreed. They were sent to capture him, they did their job. They deserve “attaboys” not a court martial.

  4. Charlene says:

    These men need our support!! They were doing what they were supposed to do….defending our freedom. This is an injustice, and should be corrected immediately!

  5. Tom Massey says:

    Who is Maj. Gen. Charles T. Cleveland and why is he doing this?

  6. Jim Wozniak says:

    This trial procedure is one of the most ridiculous actions I have ever heard of in my life. Why are these brave men facing charges?
    This whole procedure is not receiving the press coverage it deserves. Let’s keep this story in the front page of every news source. We have to keep the public informed about this unnecessary
    and embarrassing military trial. I support these brave Navy personnel.

  7. Daniel Lasris says:

    I am an ARMY Veteran and I understand where everyone is coming from, but you must be held accountable for your actions. We are not above the law and what they did must be handled judiciously. I probably would have done the same in their shoes, but I would also have to live with the consequences of my actions.

  8. Ken says:

    Free the Seals…and put Obama, Reed and Polosi on trial for destroying a nation and giving the American People a flat lip, black eye, and robbing them (Pure theft) of everything they have…even their grandchildren.
    But what can you expect from a Damn “stupid” no-account, Ignorant Democrat!

  9. Doug Allen says:

    Just read Marcus Luttrell’s book “Lone Survivor” and you will understand what we should do…..let them do their job as others have posted! Sorry war is hell. I am US Army and understand what it means to put yourself out there. They should be grateful all they got was a slap and not a magazine slapped into a rifle and used accordingly. Either we do the job or get out, no p…footing around because that is how our guys are getting killed.

  10. Josh Gentry says:

    I know the hell these boys go thru to get to be SEAL’s. Roughing and giving a fat lip is like trainig a pitbull to fight and being mad when it nips. To those prosecuting, “WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!!!!”.

  11. JONESY says:

    What the hell is going on with our so called great nation. The seals are best at what they do. They accomplished their mission and should be awarded medals. Instead our fucked up nation wants to court martial them. War is hell and politics have no place in it. In my opinion they should of done a lot worse to the damn terrorist. What happened to the rights of the men of the security force Blackwater? As far as I am concerned Obama is an idiot to let such things happen to our warriors. If he was half the president he thinks he is he would stop with the bullshit and let the seals go back to work and win these conflicts our stupid assed presidents have put them in. Free the SEALS and impeach Obama for being a traitor to his own country!

  12. JONESY says:


  13. KPG says:

    Thanks for your posts, especially to Doug Allen for his post dated April 6, 2010. If you haven’t read Marcus Luttrell’s Lone Survivor, then you’re depriving yourself of a life-altering event. I’ve always supported our military and their missions, but in all honesty, I did so out of blind patriotism. Now, I’m not saying blind patriotism is a bad thing: after all, I’d rather be a blind patriot than a short-sighted one. My point is my patriotism meant hanging the Stars and Stripes each morning, and singing the national anthem with my hand over my heart. I was a voice of opposition (to no one of real importance) as the name “God” was removed from national monuments, as well as to the whole idea of taking the “Pledge of Allegiance” out of schools. I suppose my patriotism was based solely upon idealism. It still is, but reading Lone Survivor made me question my patriotism – not its existence, but rather its personal meaning in my life. It made me question the relevance of living vs. living freely. It reminded me that men and women have given and are still giving their lives willfully so that freedom perseveres as not only as idealistic philosophy, but as a life-giving sustenance. Its death would mean mortal death.

    Marcus Luttrell made me feel raw emotion like I’ve never had to feel before because veterans and active service members are shielding those of us at home from experiencing them. How long did it take you after 9-11 to look up at an airliner and think it was flying a bit too low? Or how many of you are just waiting for the next terrorist attack, where it will be, or how it will happen? Television sure keeps us mindful of the existing threats, and we should remain vigilant. But how often are we reminded of the heroes of our military doing what it takes to contain and eliminate those who would take that which we think we value most. I’d venture to say that over 50% of this country would throw their hands up and surrender what they verbalize as so precious, yet appreciate so little.

    Marcus Luttrell’s book scared me to death, thank God. He made me feel the terror of battle; the gut-wrenching grief, anger and sadness at losing a buddy; the comradeship that molds individuals into a team; an individual calmly accepting that what he’s about to do will kill him, but might bring his teammates life-sustaining support. It taught me that dying for something more noble than self should be a natural act – something you do without giving it a second thought; but he also taught me that struggling to live just to spite giving up is just as noble.

    Lone Survivor gave me a very clear and renewed definition of how to “support our troops,” as it will for you should you choose to read it. But the strongest inner change I experienced came when I had the opportunity to personally hear him tell his story in San Diego several months ago, the highlight coming afterward when I got to shake his hand and personally thank him for his service and continuing dedication to his fallen team members. To feel the grip of a hero’s hand around mine was inspiring, but to look him in the eyes and literally feel the pain an ordinary human being is willing to suffer from battle wounds, but mostly from the loss of his buddies, gave me the personal confirmation of how vital it is to get involved as the means to literally support our troops and their mission. Every time he gets up in front of people and tells the story, he does so to honor his fallen team members, and it must be Hell for him to relive that horror, but, like our military, his sacrifices are of a higher calling. They get it.
    When I talked to him in San Diego, I hesitantly asked if he’d sign my copy of his book. He proudly took it from me and inscribed “Kevin, NEVER QUIT.” That book sits in a prominent position on a bookshelf I pass by and look at every morning on my way out the door; what a way to start the day. The problems I face on a daily basis that make me wanna say “F*** it,” are much easier to deal with when an honest-to-God true hero personally reminds me each morning: “Kevin, Never Quit.”
    Thanks, Doug, for your post encouraging people to read it! I second your motion…READ IT!

    Anyway, no matter what the court’s martial of these three SEALS determines, they were, are, and always will be heroes. The true measure of their self-control and mission success was following through with their orders to bring an epitome of pure evil back alive if at all possible. Mission accomplished, with Valor. And considering that these SEALS probably all lost buddies in the Battle of Fallujah, (the battle sparked, by the way, by the above mentioned epitome of pure evil), delivering him alive was a mark of self-control to which a punch in the gut pales in comparison.

  14. Jackson says:

    This is stupid and Obama needs to let these heros go. if George Bush were still in office he would have handed each of them a beer and said “well done boys, well done”.