An AUSA today filed this opposition to Retired Master Sergeant Timothy Hennis’s renewed request  that the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina stay his ongoing court-martial proceedings while obtaining additional briefing in his habeas challenge to the court-martial.

And the Fayetteville Observer reports here that court-martial proceedings have ended for the week with a seventh member being seated.

One Response to “Army opposes renewed request for a stay in Hennis”

  1. Manasas says:

    So two Prior Trials for Capital murder and a stay on dearthrow then an aquital does’nt amount to extraordinary circumstances in the eyes of the government’s eyes?.

    These Guys belief the stuff they are writing?.

    The level of arrogance exhibitted by government counsel to continue to claim Hennis should first stand Trial then on appeals after probabaly about 15 to twenty years behind bars sort out the jurisdiction issue.

    Hennis claims the government has no jurisdiction since it terminated with his prior ETS. I agree, yet the government continues to refused to brief on the substantive issue at hand Jurisdiction.

    I hope the government plans to brief and argue this jurisdicttion issue on the merits at some point than continue to claim abstention.

    The very reason we have federal district courts is to answer these central questions when they arise.

    This serviceman like any other American deserves a fair hearing in the Federal district court to settle this issue before any courtmartial.