For those of us who are appellate practitioners, Gene Fidell’s guide to CAAF’s rules is a necessary piece of equipment.  As announced on NIMJ’s blog, here, a brand new 13th edition of the guide is now posted here.

4 Responses to “New version of Gene Fidell’s CAAF Rules Guide”

  1. smartypants says:

    “this theme is apparent in [CAAF’s] reluctance to invoke the doctrine of waiver…” p. 4.

    Huh? Are we talking about the same CAAF?

  2. Gene Fidell says:

    I think so, SP, but I’ll take another look when the next edition comes out. Because there are some rule changes in the works (on which people can still comment) that should be in 2011. If CAAFloggers notice anything that seems off or that the Guide should include but doesn’t, please let me know, preferably with citations, at

  3. Jason Grover says:

    Can we post a link to this great resource on our right side under our Military Justice Research section? I used an older version all the time when I was writing briefs for a living.

  4. Jason Grover says:

    Thank you CAAFlog for the quick response. It is now posted. Any current appellate attorneys out there, this is a great resource worth taking through.