According to the Washington Times, who apparently reviewed copies of the restricted annexes in the West-Clark Report on the Ft Hood shootings, “Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan, charged in the Fort Hood shootings, was too fat and ‘chronically’ unprofessional during his psychiatric training, according to internal e-mails exchanged by his superiors.” See full story with details of the emails here.

From our friends in the U.K. Navy, this story about a court-martial of three Royal Navy officers for neglect when they ran their nuclear powered submarine headlong into a “pinnacle” in the Red Sea.

From the Sri Lankan Army, here, the continuing saga of the former Army Chief of Staff, brought out of retirement to face court martial for allegedly campaigning for President while in uniform and making irregular purchases as the head of the Army. Not surprisingly he lost election and the current administration, headed by his former civilian boss, has brought the charges. General Fonseka has moved to dissolve the court-martial. He said the court martial was “‘biased’ as it comprises two Generals, who were disciplined by him while in service and the third was a close relative of the current Army Chief.”. The court martial is closed to the public.

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