Before I went TAD this week I was looking for the results of the latest judicial screening board for the Navy and Marine Corps.  This list was released on Wednesday:

            Maj Troy H. Campbell, USMC

            CDR Robert J. Crow, JAGC, USN

            CAPT Terry C. Ganzel, JAGC, USNR

            CDR George Glenn Gerding, JAGC, USNR

            CDR John S. Han, JAGC, USNR

            CDR Donald C. King, JAGC, USN    

            CDR Brian C. Lansing, JAGC, USNR

            LCDR M. J. Luken, JAGC, USN

            CDR Monte G. Miller, JAGC, USNR

            LCDR Robert P. Monahan Jr., JAGC, USN

            CDR W. A. Record, JAGC, USN

            CDR Aaron C. Rugh, JAGC, USN

On the active-duty side, CDRs Crow, King, and Rugh are all plank-owner experts of the Navy Military Justice Litigation Career Track.  LCDRs Luken and Monahan are specialists on the track.  CDR Record is the only non career track pick on the active side.   Congrats to all!

4 Responses to “Congrats to potential judges!”

  1. Bill Horse is Thunder says:

    Are the 0-4s promotoable?

  2. Jason Grover says:

    Not sure about Campbell, but Luken is an O-5 select. In fact, he may have already pinned on. If not, he will shortly. LCDR Monahan may be in zone this year, but he is not selected yet.

  3. Anonymous says:

    LCDR Monahan is an 0-5 select as well.

  4. Jason Grover says:

    Sorry Rob! That is what happens when you write from home without the list in front of me.