Have I mentioned that last week I was accused of being obsessed with Melendez-Diaz

In addition to MAJ Froehlich’s outstanding article on Melendez-Diaz, the Army Lawyer’s Military Justice Symposium Issue (Part I) also includes this article on Fourth Amendment law, this article on post-trial matters (focusing largely on post-trial delay and problems with CA actions), this article on impeachment evidence, and this annual review of developments in instructions.

The issue’s foreward tells us that next month’s issue (which I guess is now this month’s issue) will include articles on: (1) aggravation evidence, (2) charging webcam-related sex crimes, (3) new developments in guilty pleas and pre-trial agreements, (4) unlawful command influence committed by judge advocates, (5) the evolution of the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program, (6) professional responsibility for military justice practitioners, (7) a view from the bench, and (8) “an infamous court-martial involving the wear of a pigtail.”

Happy reading!

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