Here’s a link to the Fayetteville Observer‘s report on today’s proceedings in the Hennis capital court-martial.  Today’s proceedings included testimony concerning DNA evidence in the case.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    (Testimony indicates DNA tests not conclusive in Hennis trial)

    (Today’s Article Partial Match DNA)

    Moreover, at least four states without written policies have nonetheless reported partial match information to investigators in the past. Most broadly, in North Carolina, while DNA reports note only exact matches—hence a partial match would be designated a non-match! Analysts may nonetheless informally discuss partial matches with investigators. So What this says according to today’s testimony A Partial Match is A Non Match! And also they didn’t enter the other DNA test which came back no match (0%) for the accused.

  2. Anonymous says:

    sounds to me like at the end of the day, even if they convict the guy, residual doubt will probably mean no death penalty.

    Why does the Army even bother with the death penalty again? Why is the immense cost, our inability on all sides to do it very well, and the high overturn rate make it worth our while?

  3. Outwest says:

    True, in NC partial DNA matches are considered non-matches. This is also true in some other states. However, it obviously doesn’t apply in Military court.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So what about the 0 % match?Your saying the Military Courts can convict on all here say eveidence?So what you have stated the Miltary Courts can do anything they want?It obvious the 5th Amendment doesn’t apply.(Double Jeopardy)Being tried for A third time is unconstitutional.Remember if this Court Martial even gets to the second phase which we will know Monday.The TC rest there case Monday.Isn’t that the Part where the SJA and the Jury determine if it goes any further?Remember a Jury of 14.Do the Math for 2/3,3/4.They all have a Vote correct?And if this ever ended in any type of conviction.I think the next 6 Jurors are Civilians(Why else would a Federal Judge Have both parties address ETS,Double Jeopardy and other issues?)Then the last thing I read on his ruling these are all Appealable issues).Im pretty sure they will think seriously about His 5th Amendment rights,and not to mention he had a break in service.They can dispute it the Judge himself stated his ETS was in 86(Backpay and Promotions doesn’t constitute a new ETS date.I am pretty sure the Hirshberg Law will be up held in this case.Remember He’s already been tried twice.

  5. Outwest says:

    To clarify my point, if the Military court used to same rule as NC about partial matches, then all the Army’s DNA results would be considered a non-match. Actually, I don’t even know why Mr. Hennis was ever charged by the Military in the first place with such ‘weak’ DNA results; a witch hunt I say.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I totally agree Outwest.Why would you even call somone out of Retirement on Circumstantial evidence.This whole case blows me away.Everything I read they have no way of ever putting him at the crime scene.And Millions of dollars later we find out the DNA is most likely not a Match.I’m sorry If I sounded Hasty Outwest in my earlier statement.But I believe Soldiers,Sailors,Airmen,Marines and Coast Guardsmen should be entitled to there constitutional rights the same as Civilians.Thats the very first sentence of the Oath of Enlistment.I think this case has been read all over the U.S. and mostly by College Students.And where do most College Students go when they run out of money for tuition,in the military so they can pay back the loans.But I think this case is going to make alot of incoming soldiers weary.Realizing they don’t have the same constitutional rights that there Civilian friends have.Why defend something your not entitled to yourself?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Anon, how about some spacing between your sentences. It’s a little hard to read. Well, that and the somewhat haphazard use of complete sentences.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anon, how about some spacing between your sentences. It’s a little hard to read. Well, that and the somewhat haphazard use of complete sentences.

  9. Anonymous says:

    I hope he rejoins the army as a civilian after this acquittal.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Keep in mind his Retention Controll Point was 26 years for A MSG.I know the new AR states a MSG(P) can go to 29 years before his RCP is met.But if there isn’t a letter signed by the Secretary of the Army prior to Nov.1 2008.He’s basically not in the service now.I know,I Know he was called back for UCMJ,but the Army still has to follow the rules.If this trial continues past Monday which is highly unlikely now to due of lack of Evidence.If I was the Defense before I started any motions after Monday, I would request that letter signed taking him past his RCP(Not the letter calling him back to Active Duty for UCMJ).And immediately since he is past his RCP have him placed on the SGM list so the Court Martial could legally continue or ask for immediate dismissal.