The Virginian-Pilot reports here that on Friday, Judge Carlos suppressed the statement that SO2 Keefe made to an NCIS agent because the agent didn’t give him Article 31 rights warnings before questioning him.  That now-suppressed statement apparently formed the basis for the false official statement charges against SO2 Keefe.  Based on the reporting, it appears that the ruling may compel the government to drop that charge.  See also United States v. Swift, 53 M.J. 439 (C.A.A.F. 2000).  Also according to the reporting, the same rights warning issue affects statements that SO1 Huertas made to NCIS, which means a similar ruling is likely in his case, which is also being tried before Judge Carlos.

4 Responses to “SO2 Keefe wins key suppression motion”

  1. CPT Rob M says:

    So much for the wild allegations that the court martial system has deprived these SEALs of their constitutional rights.

  2. Conspiracy! says:

    How do the POTUS haters explain that on? Maybe he isn’t pulling the strings of the MILJUS system on behalf of Islamo-fascist homicide bombers after all. Just spit balling here . . . . Wait, I am feeling a crisis of faith, better recharge my batteries with a health dose of Fox News.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Didn’t you read the comments, this is the Navy’s way to tactfully pull out of prosecution… it’s still part of the greater conspiracy. They put in the Fifth Amendment and Article 31 just for cases like this. Such foresight, man they’re good.

  4. JWS says:

    New discussion of case by Rowan Scarborough at