Here’s the daily Hennis update from the Fayetteville Observer.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    “Sgt. Hennis was arrested and charged a week after the Crimes. A well groomed man who wore size 13 shoes, he felt public opinion swell against him almost immediately.”

    According to your Article they ruled out A size 12.Acording to the inital Document he was a size 13.What will they try next?Can investagators really make your feet bigger? I was wondering ?

    Botton line when the prosecution rested last week without revealing there DNA results (Non Match),I mean everyone in that court room has to know they did there own testing.I would hate to be on that panel and find out later I made A decision without knowing all the facts.

  2. Outwest says:

    Don’t know what paper you have been reading but the news said Hennis was size 12 and the defense expert said the shoe print was a 9 1/2 or 10 but also said that he could not rule out the shoe print being a size 12. The prosection did indeed reveal their DNA results last week; the lady from the SBI testified that her results completely matched Hennis.

  3. Anonymous says:

    They revealed the States eveidence from 2005, The DNA tests The Army prosecution did in 08 was not read to the jury.So get your stories straight ,and the police even reported in 85 He wore a size 13.

    ” DNA from Hennis, but the jury has not yet heard that evidence. Defense lawyers have been attempting to sow doubt about whether the evidence was properly stored and handled to prevent it from becoming contaminated in the nearly 25 years since the murders.

    In 2008 the Army began testing DNA from a sample of the fluid that had been mounted on a slide in 1985. It compared this material against a DNA sample that Hennis gave an investigator in 2007, according to testimony on Friday.

    The second DNA testing method looks only at the portion of DNA that men get from their fathers, Higgins said. It also is imprecise, according to his testimony.

    That second method could not exclude Hennis as the source of the sperm, nor could it show for sure that that it came from him, Higgins said.

    Higgins had only a small amount of vaginal material to check for DNA, and his tests used up most of it. He sent the remaining DNA to a private laboratory to conduct a more sensitive and precise test. The jury has not yet heard those results.”

    The DNA has since been tested several times by the military, lawyers said at recent hearings. One of those tests found Eastburn’s DNA, but none from Hennis. But that method sometimes can’t find other DNA even if it’s present, a prosecutor said.

    The military has done DNA testing, according to lawyers’ recent statements in court. No one has yet testified to the jury the results .

  4. Anonymous says:

    I can’t help but by reading the above post. But it was even testimony in both previous trials, he wore a size 13 As far as the DNA,to my knowledge the only one read to the jury came from a lady from the SBI.The defense wanted the other read to the panel and have an expert to explain there no match. The prosecution said it would confuse the panel.