A friend o’ CAAFlog called our attention to this thoughtful Jacksonville Daily News op-ed by Paul Starzynski Jr., a former Jacksonville, North Carolina and Onslow County law enforcement officer.  He was a witness for the prosecution at the capital retrial of LCpl Wade Walker.  Not everything in the piece is accurate — its description of the basis for reversal of the original death sentence, for example, misses the mark.  But the op-ed is an interesting look at the court-martial system through the eyes of an experienced outside law enforcement officer.  He also writes with good humor, such as his unfavorable comparison of Viriginia chili to Carolina chili.

One Response to “Thoughtful piece by prosecution witness in the Walker capital retrial”

  1. JimmyMac says:

    As one who was a witness to the proceedings, I can say this is a remarkably accurate piece. Although it misses the mark on some facts, the overall summary is good. Unfortunately, Onslow County Sheriff’s did not do a very good job with crime scene processing. For example, it was discovered during preparations that they took no pictures of the first crime scene until almost ten hours after the murder. Why? The flash attachment on their camera didn’t work! However, once NCIS stepped into the case, they cleaned it up pretty good and the results speak to everyone’s professionalism.