WaPo reports here that Major Hasan was moved at 4 am last night to his quarters at the Bell County Jail.  The report notes his Art. 32 hearing could be “as early as July 1,” for what that’s worth.  Here is a link to the Bell County inmate list showing Major Hasan.  The entry for “Charges” in his listing says “OFFENSE UNKNOWN.”

4 Responses to “Hasan Moved to County Jail”

  1. Gene Fidell says:

    0400? Seems unnecessary.

  2. Phil Cave says:

    Actually, I think this is one of those military cases that should merit heightened security. Sadly there may be someone out there likely to want to take a shot at Major Hasan. We now live in a society dominated by shouting heads who have replaced talking heads; radio talk show hosts who threaten federal census workers; etc., etc., etc. (That’s my movie allusion for the day.)

  3. Val says:

    Why does it seem unnecessary? Seems perfectly reasonable to me. Not only as a protection issue, but also to make it easier to move him.

    I highly doubt there was an “agreement” to notify Galligan of the move ahead of time. I have no doubt Galligan would have broadcast to the world and whined about it. I dislike that Galligan misinforms the public about the MJ system, claiming his client has “rights” that he really doesn’t have. I understand that MAJ Hasan has a right to zealous representation by competent counsel, just like any other accused, but that doesn’t mean Galligan gets to misrepresent.

  4. Some Army Guy says:

    The radio talking heads were all over Lee Harvey Oswald…